9 & 10 month – update.


STATS – (10 months)

weight: 30lbs

height: 30″ long

nicknames: row row, chub chub, rows, turtle

loves: to eat!, walk around the perimeter of the house, take things from his brother.

dislikes: being told no,  sharing his peronal space

accomplishments: taking steps, eating his own (small) foods, cutting his first two teeth!


We have teeth! FINALLY! Poor babe cut his first two teeth within the same week, and now the other two within a two weeks period. At least I can stop worrying that he wont get any teeth and now can chew a few more foods – which he’s happy about!


IMG_6654IMG_6659 (Edited)IMG_6660

Our little buy has become quite the sleeper lately! He loves his naps, takes 3 of them a day & is sleeping much better through the night – usually only waking once for a bottle then falling right back asleep! He even passed out at the park the other day. Growing boy!


Row is a moving machine! He is contantly crawling, walking (with help) and pulling up on everything. I don’t remember Brennan every being this “into” everything. I can’t get this little guy to sit still for 5 seconds, and can’t let him out of my sight! Luckily B usually tells me if he’s getting into something, he loves telling on his baby brother!


Rowan has a new nickname in our house, Chub Chub (Yes, I know, you’ll hate us when you’re older). This guy is always eating! He loves peas, bananas, turkey, cheese, yogurt, salmon – you name it! I dont think we’ve found anything yet that he doesn’t like, he even loves limes. His rolls are getting out of control and I just love it.

IMG_6975 (Edited)

IMG_6836IMG_6854IMG_6867IMG_6885IMG_6889IMG_6912 (Edited)IMG_6918IMG_6928IMG_6933

Rowan is definitely a sun baby. He loves being outdoors, in the water, lying in the sun.Having Brennan, with such fair skin, and being so pale myself – I am quite envious of Rowan’s beautiful olive skin & the farmers tan he already has going on.


Since the teeth are coming in, we’ve also battled a few ear infections making this guy pretty clingy. I don’t mind it most of the time because I usually can’t get him to even cuddle with me these days – so the extra time I get the better. I hope he’s not prone to ear infections like Brennan was/is but I have a feeling they won’t be ending soon.

IMG_6984IMG_6985IMG_6994IMG_7016IMG_7077IMG_7083IMG_8224IMG_7204IMG_7207.JPGIMG_7217 (Edited).JPGIMG_7228.JPGIMG_7233.JPGIMG_7255.JPGIMG_7265.JPGIMG_7285.JPG

Easter is Brennan’s favorite holiday, so its a fun time around our house preparing for it. Row got to meet the Easter bunny for the first time and wasn’t scared, but wasn’t impressed. I love getting to start holiday traditions with these two boys and can’t wait to see them evolve over the years.


Rowan Jude, you’re wild little spirit brightens our days! We love seeing your personality evolve and grow. Our sweet boy!IMG_7730.JPGIMG_7477 (Edited).JPG

3 & 4 month – update. 

DSC_1003 DSC_0986 DSC_0980

STATS – (4 months)

weight: 21lbs

height: 28″ long

nicknames: bebe row, lil chunk, sugar

loves: being outside, anything his brother is doing, playing on his play mat, his animal tails book

dislikes: riding in the car, being left “alone” (not seeing anyone)

accomplishments: smiling and giggling, lots of cooing, grabbing toys, rolling over



Man, the months are going by fast. Faster then i can keep up with! How our little baby is 1/3 of a year old blows my mind! 2 months was a rocky one for us, multiple formula changes until we found a winner, lots of sleepless days (which make for not so fun nights) and adjusting back to normal life all at once isn’t easy. Luckily, once he hit three months its like something changed and our happy sweet baby is back!

We had a busy few months, Row got to meet his Papa Jim for the first time. We had a wonderful 10 days together, including Row’s first roadtrip to San Antonio! He was a champ (considering he hates the car) and got to spend a few days with Aunt Diann and Grandmommie.



The bond growing between B & Row is so adorable. I love seeing B interact and love on him, and watching Row becoming interested in everything his big brother is doing melts my heart.

IMG_3374 IMG_3303 IMG_3166

IMG_3340 IMG_3297 IMG_3424


Our little monkey is full of smiles and giggles. He lights up the room with his sweet personality! He is becoming awfully chatty (just like his brother was). I wont be surprised if hes talking soon.

IMG_3417 IMG_3341

IMG_3436 IMG_3513 IMG_3252 IMG_3229

IMG_3902 IMG_3942

Our big little man rolled over for the first time (3 months) and is grabbing toys, putting them in his mouth, and totally ready for solid foods (however we’re waiting for his tummy to get a bit better). He’s fought off his first cold and first tummy bug, poor babe, but other then that is healthy as a champ.

IMG_3915 IMG_3819 IMG_4012 IMG_3980 IMG_4020 IMG_4052 IMG_3964 IMG_3962

We love you so very much sweet pea, please stop growing so fast!