7 & 8 months – update.

STATS – (8 months)

weight: 28lbs

height: 30″ long

nicknames: row row, baby (brennan only calls him baby!), rows

loves: eating anything & everything, running the house in his walker, crawling around the house like crazy

dislikes: being out of anyones sight, sweet foods like fruits

accomplishments: crawling, pulling up & walking along things!


Oh Rowan. What an easy baby! He has seriously become such a joy to be around. Always content. Always smiling. He loves to explore & crawls lightening fast to get around. He can almost outrun Luke! He has begun pulling himself up onto things, and walking around surfaces. Please make time stop! I’m so not ready for another walking baby right now! I feel like everything is going so much faster with Rowan, just wish I could pause time sometimes.

The bond between Brennan and Rowan is growing and changing daily. Now that Row is on the move, B isn’t too sure what to think of his brother lately. Especially when it comes to “his” stuff. I know they are going to be the best of buds, it’s fun to see their relationship evolve through these transition ages.

Rowan is such a little chub! He can’t get enough food!! I remember Brennan at this age – always trying to be cautious of what we fed him, making sure it was healthy, homemade, or “in the right order”. I guess it’s true what they say of the second kid – Row has tried probably everything under the sun and loves it all!

  Teething has become the vain of our existance. Rowan STILL has no teeth! Everyone says the longer they come in, the stronger, however I’m starting to believe thats not true. Praying we get some teeth here soon, so he can get some relief!IMG_6234.PNG

Still not the best sleeper, but its getting better! We still rock him to sleep with a bottle, until he falls asleep then gently lay him in his bed. He is only waking once or twice a night, and we just do the routine over again until he sleeps a bit longer. I know I’ll miss these moments so I try to cherish them when I can even through the sleep deprivation.


Rows, you are such a bright spot in our lives! We just adore you so much and love watching you grow – just wish we could slow it down!

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