5 & 6 month – update.

STATS – (6 months)

weight: 24lbs

height: 29″ long

nicknames: row row, baby (brennan only calls him baby!), peanut

loves: bouncing in his jumper, crawling after brennan, mickey mouse!

dislikes: not being able to see faces, sitting in the pack n play!

accomplishments: army crawling! sitting up fully, running in his walker!






Rowan Jude, you are growing by the minute! Everyone warned me the second child goes by even faster, but I didn’t ever imagine it would be this fast! You are changing every day, and progressing and developing faster then I cant keep up with. You want to keep up with your brother and I want time to slow down!

In the past two months, Row began army crawling (FAST) after anything Brennan leaves on the floor or Brennan in general! He is completely obsessed with his brother and wont ever leave him alone. B is not a big fan of that at the moment and likes his personal space, so adapting to a brother that wants everything he has is a challange… for all of us!

Row is not a great sleeper still and we are finally accepting that. He only needs 20min power naps throughout the day and is totally content with that. He goes to bed around 8 and is up about 2 times a night until his day begins around 6am when B is up. It’s not too bad since Patrick and I take shifts, but the bags under our eyes aren’t going away anytime soon.

The two kid shuffle has been a big learning experience, and since one of u always has one kid – Rowan has become a big daddy’s boy since B always wants mommy. Its adorable seeing the bond those two have created. Also, we hired a nanny for Rowan this month while I’m back at work (2 days a week, with a grandma 1) and she is fabulous. Row loves her already and we feel very lucky to have her in our family.

I’m sorry these blogs are do delayed Row, but I guess that is just going to be the story of your life. Just think of it as all the hands on time I’m spending with you I don’t have a minute to blog. I promise I’ll get better – maybe by your 18th birthday? We love you so much baby boy.

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