1 month – update.

Rowan, I apologize in advance that your blogs won’t be as frequent as your brothers once were. I promise I will do my very best to keep this as updated as possible. xx



weight: 11lbs

height: 21.5″ long

nicknames: bebe row, peanut

loves: lights, milk, and being walked around the house

dislikes: an empty bottle, sleeping at night, passing gas

Month 1 – We couldn’t be more blessed to have our littlest boy home, happy & healthy. So far, Rowan has been a wonderful sleeper. Snoozes through all the chaos of Brennan, Luke and constant crazy noise in this house. Everyone jokes that they have never seen his eyes because he is always asleep.


He is filling out like crazy and has no problem eating his bottles whatsoever.  We have noticed a bit of the tummy troubles that Brennan suffered from for months, but so far it has been bearable and is still on regular formula. He eats two ounces about every two hours and definitely lets you know when he is ready for his next feed!    

I was very nervous about the transition from one boy to two. Ready many blogs and books on transitioning the first born to not being the only child anymore. Honestly, I was scared to death that Brennan was going to lash out at us, at his brother and revert to being a baby himself again.

I could not be happier that it has been the exact opposite. Brennan had become loving, a bit more calm and independent since his brother is now with us. He still doesn’t like to touch him much, and ignores him most of the time but has been extremely gentle and cautious.


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