week 34.

These past two weeks have been a whirlwind. With the Bebe brunch, Brennan’s 2nd birthday, final stretch of preparing for baby, and Mother’s Day… I feel like I need to sleep for a week!  

We’re in the home stretch, and it’s always the worst part. Literally everything hurts, is stretched to the max, the water weight is piling on and insomnia has kicked in. No clothes fit anymore yet I refuse to buy maternity clothes this late in the game. I’m ready to get back to feeling like myself and these next few weeks are going to feel like an eternity.

With all that complaining however, I’m getting so excited to meet my little man and want him to be as healthy as possible. This week my OB is doing her full ultrasound exam to check on him, check my health and give us a better idea of when we should be expecting his arrival. I can’t wait to just have a better idea and start really planning!

Stay tuned…

Baby is the size of a: cantaloupe, 18″ long
Best moment of the week: Its been a busy one! B’s birthday and Mother’s Day!
Missing Anything? sleep. Preggo insomnia has fully kicked in.
Cravings: smarties candy. So weird, who even eats those? I had the same craving for them around this time with B too.
Aches & Pains: everything, seriously everything hurts. My ra has even come back in my fingers and knees which royally sucks.
Looking forward to: Tuesday’s ultrasound! Been counting down the days for this one as well get some full measurements, preeclampsia check and hopefully a real due date!

[mothers day, 2015]

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