happy 2nd birthday, brennan!

 My little love. My sweet, hilarious, lovey little boy. Where has the time gone? This past year, transitioning into toddler-hood, everyone warned me would be tough. We had our moments, and there were months that were easier then others, but once we learned how to communicate with each other things really began to click. It was frustrating for us both when I couldn’t understand what you wanted, which made me probably just as upset as you. You’ve always been a little ‘chatty charlie’ but around 19 months, overnight, something clicked and you became your own little person. Full of compound words and thoughts, opinions and conversations. Your favorite thing is to tell people about your day, the things you saw, what you put in the pancake mix helping mommy (eggs, milk,app-sauce), what you painted at school. Watching your brain grow and remember makes me so proud of you!    Love that you say all your c’s as t’s – moo tow, too too train, took (cookie). “Achoo bless you” after anyone sneezes. Sing the main words in your favorite songs. Pretending to read and actually getting some of the letters correct! Smarty pants. You love being startled, your laugh is contagious and your perfect porcelain skin is breathtaking. Your love for animals is so sweet, and your stuffed ones are you favorite. You are headstrong, determined and sensitive, but a perfect balance of all three. You aren’t overly zealous, and not overly cautious.       Brennan, it’s like someone took my heart right out of my chest and placed it in the most adorable little boy I’ve ever seen. You truly are my sunshine, my favorite buddy, my whole world. I can’t remember what life was ever like before you blessed your daddy and I with you. We are the luckiest parents in the world.

We love you sugar bugar. Happy 2nd birthday! xx, Mama & Dada

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