18 to 23 month – update.

STATS – (at 23 months)

weight: 36lbs

height: 38″

loves: bunny rabbits, puzzles, animal games on his ipad, animal anything really, bath time, “nigh nigh time”

dislikes: pretty much all food in general besides a few select things, luke stealing his balls, not getting his way, being confined in anything that wont let him run free.

new achievements: his vocabulary is huge, counting and recognizing letters, knowing the rhythm and words to songs… seeing his little brain grow is incredible!


[PK-1 School Picture]

I don’t even know where to begin with this blog, we’ve done so much & grown so much over the past 6 months its pretty tricky to even sum it all up. Brennan is a silly, charming yet headstrong little boy who is growing up right before our eyes!


IMG_0306 IMG_6414 IMG_6427

[1st haircut – November 2014]

IMG_6429 IMG_6432 IMG_6455 IMG_6480 IMG_6489 IMG_6730 IMG_6735

B absolutely LOVES school and his teachers, especially Ms. Amy! “AMY AMY AMY!” Always asking for her to be around. They have been so wonderful, patient and attentive with him – the things he learns and does is so wonderful for his growth and I’m constantly amazed and what he is capable of when they let him. Currently he is enrolled W/F from 9-2 but next year we’ve added a 3rd day since he is thriving so well.

IMG_6895 IMG_6910 IMG_6917

His love for his #1 bunny “bun” has always been there, but now his love for any and all other bunnies and rabbits is seriously adorable. His face lights up whenever he gets a new rabbit friend and they are instantly one of the fam.

IMG_6984 IMG_6993 IMG_7023 IMG_7043 IMG_7087 IMG_7088 IMG_7103IMG_0007 IMG_0025

B absolutely loves playing outside, and these past few months are the perfect time for that in Houston. Hitting his baseballs, playing chase with Luke, riding the “slide”, popcicles, collecting leaves – he never wants to go back in. Its a blast seeing his little imagination run freely outdoors.

IMG_0283 IMG_0299

IMG_0357 IMG_0305
Everyone always warns you how hard newborns are, or two year olds can be, but no one tells you about the phases in between.   IMG_0354 IMG_0355  IMG_0376 IMG_0378

[Go Seahwaks!! Shh… don’t tell Daddy]IMG_0388 IMG_0425

IMG_0476 IMG_0465

[setting up his new big boy room!]


IMG_0520 IMG_0532

We took our first trip to the zoo on Valentines Day! I thought B would be in heaven since he loves animal so much, but in reality all he wanted to do was run freely and not be in his stroller – so it was a semi disaster. We were able to let him out in the petting zoo and he had a blast there, go figure. Silly kid.IMG_0545 IMG_0559 IMG_0598 IMG_0607 IMG_0615 IMG_0621 IMG_0636[fun with trucks event – The Woodlands]

IMG_0648 IMG_0697 IMG_0709 IMG_0803

Unfortunately, the past few months have been tough on us health wise. B had about 5 ear infections in the matter of 4 months. Each round of antibiotics never fully worked and the infection slowly came back. The antibiotics are the horrible party to, not just giving them to him but how bad they mess up his tummy and the diaper rash that follows is so painful! We started talking to our pedi about tubes but luckily this last infection cleared and we have been fine ever since. If we do start to get them again, tubes are in our near future. Its awful to see him so uncomfortable and in pain – so nice to have my baby back to his normal self again!IMG_0838 IMG_0839

[macaron’s are his favorite cookies – go figure]IMG_0858 IMG_0933

[st.patricks day, 2015]IMG_1013 IMG_1016 IMG_1024 IMG_1047 IMG_1063 IMG_1068 IMG_1073

[patricks birthday, 2015]IMG_1080 IMG_1084

[B LOVEDDDDDD the easter bunny “e bun” so much it was adorable. we had to print out this picture and put it in his room]IMG_1085 IMG_1089 IMG_1099

[real family photo!]


 We had a wonderful Easter, B’s favorite holiday! Started the morning off making bunny pancakes, got 3 Easter baskets from mommy & daddy, auntie tete, and Ma & Papa, and had a delicious Easter dinner over at their house! B had way too many sweets and bunny overload and crashed for a successful nights sleep.


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