week 32.

Wow, 32 weeks! Considering I delivered Brennan around 36 weeks, the countdown is really on! I received an email reminder about making sure my hospital bag was packed and I panicked a bit! That is the last of my worries amongst the thousand others things I still have to do. At least the second time around I’ve realized that I will leave the house again after baby and if everything isn’t done we will survive!

Patrick has been in Australia this past week, leaving B and I to have a lot of quality time together. I’m starting to get a bit nervous at the thought of juggling two boys, but everyone tells me it’s natural. We are still trying to tell B about becoming a big brother, but I’m still not sure he gets the concept. We have books, he tells everyone there is a baby in my tummy, but once he’s born I’m not sure the reaction well get 🙂

I’ve started to have a LOT of mild contractions. My dr says its nothing to worry about yet but I don’t remember having any last pregnancy. Also, this lil baby is placed so much differently then B was. My ribs always ached because I stretched wide before, but this time he’s like a giant round basketball just sticking out front. I’m not sure which was worse because there are definitely pains with this one too. At least I don’t feel as “large” as I did last time.

Baby is the weight of a: jicama, average 4lbs
Best moment of the week: B giving baby lots of tummy kisses!
Missing Anything? Walking without my lower back throbbing and feeling like he is going to “fall out”!!
Cravings: coffee, any anything coffee flavored. Maybe I’m just really tired…
Aches & Pains: my legs have startd going numb, mild contractions, back pain. The works.
Looking forward to: my “be be brunch” on Sunday. Can’t wait to celebrate little man with my closest girlfriends and family. Also, Patrick comes home on Saturday so it’ll be a big weight off my shoulders should anything happen early.

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