week 29.


3rd trimester – here we go!

I’ve been counting down the days until I finally hit my 3rd trimester, in hopes that this will be the best one yet. It’s been a rocky road throughout this pregnancy with all the nausea, rheumatoid arthritis issues, respiratory infections (which are FINALLY starting to go away), etc. I’m hoping these last few months will just be the typical pregnancy aches and pains and we will have no more issues going forward.

As of now, the doctor’s aren’t setting a due date but rather saying middle of June because of my history of preclampsia and the baby’s size. At my 34 week ultrasound we will have a better idea on a date and hope we won’t have as early a delivery as I did with B. It’d be nice it this baby could get a bit stronger in there!

We did however schedule our 4d ultrasound this week, it was wonderful to be able to see lil man’s sweet face. Patrick hasn’t been to an ultrasound yet, so having him get to see everything going on in there was pretty special. We brought Brennan too, but he could care less and didn’t want the ultrasound tech messing with mommy 🙂


A bit like his brother, he didn’t want to show us his entire face but at least we were able to see his sweet profile. He’s looking mighty comfy in there.

201504031034280005OB 201504031036420015OB 201504031036460016OB 201504031037470027OB 201504031044000049OB

 10 more weeks can’t come fast enough!!

Baby is the size of a: butternut squash! around 2.5lbs and over 15″ long.
Best moment of the week: getting to see his sweet lil self in the ultrasound!

Missing Anything? being able to sit comfortably. he is sitting extremely low in my hips and his feet are under my right rib cage which make it difficult to do anything!

Cravings: still nothing. i think im the weirdest pregnant lady alive and have zero appetite.

Aches & Pains: hips, ribs, and pretty much everything else that is starting to spread.

Looking forward to: a busy April. Easter this weekend with B, getting a larger car, baby shower, maternity photos, etc! trying to get it all done so we can enjoy May as our last time being a family of three 🙂

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