week 26.

this past month has been a tough one, health wise. i’m still fighting bronchitis and a sinus infection… going on 4 weeks now! all i want to do is get better but i feel like its never ending! one another, stronger round of antibiotics so i’m hoping it will start working soon or else i’m going to cough this baby into labor! patrick jokes that when he’s born we will have to cough him to sleep to soothe him!

IMG_0706 IMG_0754[all our sick time spent on the couch, b has grown to love this belly as a footrest!]

besides all the germs running through the house, it was a busy month with B, patrick traveling, and throwing my cousin cory her bridal shower in seattle! loved getting to go home and see my family and friends before i get too big to fly for a while.



IMG_7655 IMG_7633

last doctors appointment went great. little man has a nice, strong heartbeat and is moving up a storm. he kicks, moves, stabs, flutters more then B EVER did, my stomach is constantly moving… its really crazy! i hope he calms down a bit when he comes out 🙂

Baby is the size of a: length of a scallion, about 14″ long!
Best moment of the week: feeling my little baby always with me. i’ve really been embracing those quiet moments, just the two of us.

Missing Anything? daddy! patrick is off to London for the week. these trips get harder and harder each time. B now knows when he leaves and sobs for “dada home”, and with me getting bigger by the day its tough. can’t wait for friday to come!!!

Cravings: absolutely nothing. i would love to crave something, but everything is so gross lately!
Aches & Pains: bronchitis and sinusitis, GO AWAY!!!!!

Looking forward to: finishing our hospital registration and next doctors appointment. means we are getting closer and closer to my sweet boy’s arrival!!

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