week 22.

Little baby Hanson is doing great, and time is flying by so quickly! Can’t believe I’ve already passed the half way point.

We had our 21 week anatomy ultrasound this past week and he looks great. Heart, brain, organs all checked out and doctors say he looks perfect (love hearing those words)!

He is definitely much more active then his brother ever was in there. Constantly moving, twisting, turning. He was ready for the ultrasound too and not shying away like B always did. It’s cute to see their little differences already.



This week has been a tough one fighting colds in our house. B came down with the worst cold he’s ever had and now it has spread to me. Been down for about a week and now it’s turned into bronchitis. Blahh. Hoping this poor baby won’t be catching all his brothers germs but I know it inevitable. 😦

Baby is the size of a: spaghetti squash, and weighing at one pound!
Best moment of the week: getting to see his sweet little face that I can’t wait to love on!
Maternity Clothes: most of my tops still fit, and two pairs of jeans… It I think I’m starting to push it a bit!

Missing Anything? my energy! Still can’t quite get it back.

Cravings: Nordstrom ebar iced coffee! It’s all I want, and luckily Auntie Tete is the best and brings one to me often 🙂
Aches & Pains: this terrible cough takes the cake this week. Just want it to go away!

Looking forward to: finishing Baby’s nursery and B’s big boy room! B isn’t quite ready to get out of the crib yet, but his bed is all set up and we’re trying to get him comfortable with it so it’s not all a shock at once.


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