week 12.

Here we go again… Round 2! 🙂


[8 week ultrasound]

We found out very early again, right around 4 weeks. I was feeling very off during my last trip to Seattle. I thought it was either a bad case of vertigo from my flight, or I was pregnant. As soon as I got home, I called my Dr and went in for a blood test. Results came back negative! I knew in my gut something still wasn’t right, so I let a few more days pass and took a home test. Positive! I took another. Positive! Called the Dr and went back in for a second blood test just to be sure. Sure enough, Positive!! They said its very unlikely to get a false negative from a blood test, so I’m very glad I followed my instincts.
We decided to immediately share the news with our family and had them all over for dinner. At the dinner table, Brennan showed off his new book “I’m a big brother!” and everyone was ecstatic. Patrick and I are so overjoyed to be adding another lil bunde of joy to our family. As special as it is for us, I’m so excited for Brennan to have a sibling so close in age, to share all his memories with.
The past few weeks I’ve been sicker then ever. Terrible morning sickness, plus I’ve been catching every cold and flu under the sun. I’m taking nexium, diclegis and zofran just to function. This baby has literally been sucking the life out of me. Now that I’ve passed 12 weeks, I’m starting to feel a bit better each day and hoping we are near the end of this awful feeling.
So far the baby is healthy, active, strong heartbeat and growing right on schedule. My due date for now is June 20th (Auntie Kate’s birthday!)
How far along? 12 weeks
Baby is the size of a: Lime!
Best moment of the week: heading to Colorado this weekend for a family winter getaway!
Maternity Clothes: none yet, however this bump is growing fast!
Cravings? mashed potatoes, bagels, cottage cheese. very plain comfort foods. anything too saucy grosses me out right now!
Sleep: yes please! all I want to do is sleep, and could sleep forever right now.
Aches & Pains: lower stomach cramping, and soreness in general from being off my RA medication. no fun.
Happy or Moody most of the time?  too exhausted to be either. just bleh!
Looking forward to: taking the blood test on tuesday and finding out soon what bebe #2 is going to be!!!.

IMG_6679.JPG[12 week ultrasound]

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