12 to 17month – update.

Brennan, my sweet boy Brennan. Wow, how much you’ve changed over the past 6 months!

IMG_5757 IMG_5758 IMG_5751


weight: 32lbs

height: 36.5ā€

loves: any and every animal, curious george, pooh, music class, puzzles and building blocks

dislikes: eating anything besides fruit and plain buttered carbs

new achievements: so much has changed! he is a smart, chatty, funny, headstrong, climbing little boy.



IMG_4763 IMG_4786 IMG_4817 IMG_4820

We had a wonderful summer with Brennan. We were constantly busy trying to keep him entertained and to beat the heat. Pool days and playdates ran mommies days off.  IMG_5666



This summer we also started music class. It it our favorite escape of the week. No matter how bad a day we’re having, music makes us both so happy. I can really se B thriving in his class. He’s learning rhythm, repetitive lyrics, and how the instruments work. It is a really fun moment for the two of us and I love seeing the smile on his face when we arrive.

IMG_5489 IMG_5484 IMG_5482 IMG_5483 IMG_5481 IMG_5442 IMG_5441 IMG_5469 IMG_5471  IMG_5277IMG_5278 IMG_5340 IMG_5243 IMG_5230 IMG_5258 IMG_5212  IMG_5193

Biggest news of the summer, B started preschool! We enrolled him in The Climbing Tree, here in The Woodlands. They were absolutely lovely, and a wonderful facility. It was a tough transition at first, he was not happy about leaving mommy! Each day got easier however, and we slowly began to enjoy school. After a month, I received a phone call that our dream school in The Woodlands had a spot available in PK1. I decided to switch Brennan to Interfaith of The Woodlands. Their staff, curriculum, facility is just the best around and we were so lucky to get a spot I would have been crazy not to take it. It was tough on B, switching schools so quickly after he started, and the transition here was even harder then when we started. His teachers have been nothing but wonderful and worked with us on making him independant and happy. I am proud to say I now drop him off, he waves and says ‘bye mama’ without a tear!



IMG_5028  IMG_5027  IMG_4989 IMG_4901 IMG_4905 IMG_4904

[4th of July, 2014]

IMG_5004 IMG_4880 IMG_4885 IMG_4864

IMG_4860 IMG_4846 IMG_4834 IMG_4850 IMG_4862

We have definitely entered the toddler years with B. As sweet and charming as he is, he is also becoming that much more headstrong. My great eater, has now become the pickiest eater in the world. His diet consists of fruit (any and all, so at least he gets a variety), toast, plain buttered orzo, crackers, smoothies (where I hide his veggies) and anything that is individually wrapped (so strange, I know). Luckily, he thinks his multivitamins are a treat and still drinks his (soy) milk. Occasionally I can get him to eat oatmeal, or a pancake. Hates mashed potatoes, proteins and ice cream… sometimes I’m not sure hes my child.


[my picky eater, he’ll eat anything covered in ketchup!]

We are also battling his willpower. B wants to do what he wants, as do most toddlers. “No” is like a challenge to him, so instead I try give him a reason. “Don’t stand on the chair, its dangerous” seems to work better. When I just yell, “No” is becomes a repetitive game. I’m learning his ways šŸ™‚ Things he usually gets in trouble for… playing in the dog food, climbing, screetching, hitting Luke and Mommy when hes frustrated. We are working on it…

IMG_5527 IMG_5520


[uncle keny & tony came for a visit!]

IMG_4758 IMG_4760 IMG_4746



IMG_4482 IMG_4688 IMG_4689 IMG_4711 IMG_4714

[berry picking, july 2014]


Since school started, we’ve had our first few colds. Bronchitis, ear infections, stomach flu. I guess it’s all part of the process but its so hard to see him in pain. I just hope with all that, his immune system is getting stronger and will help down the road.

IMG_4545 IMG_4570


This past June, Brennan finally got to meet his other Grandfather! Jim had been living overseas in Chile since B was born, but was able to come out and stay with us for a month and get some quality time with his Grandson. They instantly bonded and had a wonderful time together, eating vanilla wafers, playing with trucks and prentending to be Donald Duck. It was so hard to say Goodbye to Papa, as now hes off living in Indonesia. We hope to see him again, this June!


IMG_4510 IMG_4509



My little busy B has made a wonderful group of sweet friends. Their mommies are the best too. It is so fun seeing our kids grow up together and to share special memories.


IMG_5168   IMG_4453

Besides his typical toddler moments, he is so full of life! His vocabulary has soared, its so nice to know what he is trying to tell me. He’s great at using his words and trying new ones we repeat to him. He is always talking about something, never a quiet moment with him. Brennan absolutely loves animals and can tell you what they are and the sounds they all make. He hoards his stuffed animals, shouts when he sees dogs outside the car window, and adores animal cartoons (Curious George, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse are his favorite).

Also, he is still a great sleeper. He only sleeps in his crib, and refuses to sleep anywhere else! Bedtime is usually around 6:30. We just lay him down with a cup of milk, hes asleep by 7 and sleeps until about 6. Takes 1 nap a day now, anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours. He’ll let you know if he hasn’t had enough sleep too!

  IMG_4419 IMG_4390 IMG_4405 IMG_4230

[mothers day, 2014]

IMG_4366 IMG_4292 IMG_4373

So much has happened in the last 6 months, its hard to recap everything. I’m glad I have all the pictures to remind me of stories, and so you can all watch him grow before your eyes! He is truly the light of our life!!

One thought on “12 to 17month – update.

  1. YaYa December 5, 2014 / 10:13 pm

    Fabulous update! I love looking at all those great picture! I am so happy I am close by so that I can be a part of his life!

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