travel – seattle, wa.

Our Trip to Seattle!


We were so excited to finally introduce Brennan to the Pacific Northwest, and all our wonderful family and friends. I can’t remember the last time I was up in Seattle, yet when we arrived it felt like we never left. Fresh crisp air, familiar faces, places, water, trees, mountains and coffee! We took a risk in flying standby on and made it to the Houston Airport on New Year’s Eve. The flight was nearly empty and we were all but guaranteed a seat. Apparently, United Airlines canceled a flight headed to Anchorage – and diverted 30 + passengers onto our Alaska Air flight to Seattle. Needless to say, we were not given a seat and forced to head home.


We tried the same flight the next day and made it! We were officially en route to Seattle. So many people to see and places to visit and not enough time to fit everything in.


Brennan was a champ on the flight over to Seattle – sleeping on Cassie for 3.5 of the 4 hours in the air. We arrived past his bedtime and figured it would be smart to get him back on schedule – so we called it a night.




First up was to visit the Ihrke’s and introduce Brennan and Kynley. It was cute watching the two of them meet, explore each other and then move on like any other day. Kylney just started crawling as was far more interested in moving around then watching Brennan just sit there. It was great seeing the entire Ihrke/Garner/Edmonds family.


[breakfast at the hotel after just a few hours of sleep…..]


[napping in Auntie Nanyn’s bed]

Then we headed South East to Puyallup to visit Alicia, Brent and meet Weston and Rheagan. Unfortunately, Madison wasn’t home. But the kids played and we caught up with Alicia and Brent. After saying, goodbye, we wrapped up the evening with an amazing dinner with Cousin Cory and Anton. Cory went out of her way with a beautiful meal!


The next morning we went to the Coffee/Wine Bar where Cassie and I used to go to when we lived in Renton. The place hadn’t changed and it felt like we never left! We met up with Aunt Yvonne and Cousin Taryn and had a great late breakfast and conversation. It was so nice seeing them and visiting Renton where we first met!



After coffee we went to see Gramma Nedine. She looked great and was in great spirits! Aunt Marjie stopped by for a visit to!! It was heartwarming to see them spend time together and now Brennan can officially say he’s met all his living Great Grandmothers!


[didn’t want to pose with GG for a picture, but he did love her!]

That evening we had a another lovely dinner hosted by Krystal and Zach at their home in Auburn. We put Brennan to sleep in their bed since it was late when we got there and we were able to enjoy a nice evening and a few glasses of wine 🙂


The next day we drove out to Ballard to Uncle Steve’s shop so Steve Asher could meet Brennan Asher! I love spending time with him and Aunt Judy and seeing all the amazing cars Uncle Steve’s working on. Post Ballard we ventured into Seattle and drove around some of our favorite places we miss dearly.




Then we drove to Gruncle Marc & Grantie Paula’s condo in Ballard and had a lovely visit before heading to a great lunch with them. It was back to the Ihrke’s for the evening before calling it a night at the hotel.



[one of my favorite views in Seattle!]



The next morning we headed to the airport early to list for our flights. We were able to catch a direct return home on Alaska and did not have to stop in Denver which worked out so much better. Brennan was a bit more antsy this flight since it wasn’t at night and cried for probably 30 minutes of it. Yep… we were those parents… All things considered though he did great.



We had such a wonderful trip full of our favorite people that we are so blessed to have in our lives… and now Brennan’s life too! Wish we could have stayed longer to see everyone but we will be back soon.

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