7&8 month – update.

b just turned 8 months, and I realized I’m falling behind on the blog. so months 7 to 8 are combined into one…




weight: 24lbs

height: 30”

nicknames: toodles, pootie (not sure where that one came about), little man, b.

loves: scooting on his knees, bananas, taking off grandpas hat, and octonauts!

dislikes: teething (still), napping, touching or eating anything with a weird texture.


My sweet, sweet baby is becoming a little boy! 😦


Teething… oh teething. When will we ever cut teeth?! This poor boy was early to begin teething and is late to get his first tooth. Tylenol, teething tablets, ice… nothing seems to work. I just wish we could get him some relief!




Seperation anxiety has also started in full force. B does not want anyone to hold him besides the immediate people he sees on a daily basis. I also can’t leave the room without him, unless I want a full on meltdown to begin. Ive read its pretty common at this age, but it definitely makes it tough to get anything done!



Back in september we noticed that Brennan was tongue tied, just like his daddy was as a kid. Something I would have never even thought to look for. The more he was eating with a spoon, the more trouble we began having. We saw an ENT and he suggested that we get it cut. B had a small procedure, but did have to go under anesthesia, which was the scariest part. The surgery itself was about 3 minutes long and once B was out and he was able to drink a bottle immediately with no troubles at all. We have noticed huge improvements in his spoon eating and hopefully now won’t have speech issues down the road.



Brennan began sleeping through the night, just not our night however. He goes to bed at 7pm and wakes 4:30-5am… which is very early for mom! We’ve tried putting him to bed later, but he wakes and the same time, and cranky which is worse! His naps are still pretty terrible, sleeps on average 30min 3x’s a day.





We officially outgrew our infant car seat this past month, which made me realize how convenient it was! Now quick errands have turned into a much bigger ordeal. However, having my little buddy with me in the shopping cart now had become so much fun! He is so curious of the world around him and always makes everyone smile.






We had a lot of fun outings these past few months. Birthday parties, play dates with new friends, and of course lots of fun with Grandma and Grandpa! We celebrated his first holidays (in a post to come soon…), made Christmas crafts, and explored new outdoor areas since the weather finally cooled off.



[making santa plates with our new friend Chase!]

B is becoming such a goofy, funny little person with a huge personality. He is always chatting, moving, smiling and laughing. I just can’t get enough of him!






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