6 month – update.

Time… please slow down. 1/2 year old?? It can’t be!!




weight: 22lbs

height: 29”

nicknames: monster child, pumpkin (fitting for the season!) b.

loves: pig noises, watching luke play, chewing on everything!

dislikes: teething, sleeping in past 5…


Having an MSPI (milk, soy, protein intolerance) baby is no easy journey. Adding reflux on top of it is just the icing on the cake. It’s so hard to see my little baby in so much pain for the slightest thing.

Our pediatrician gave us the same formula, just a different brand which she swore was the same ingredients (Puramino vs Elecare)… Well let me tell you it was not! We had the toughest 48hours we’ve had since all this was diagnosed. Poor little man was in so much pain, not sleeping, throwing up. It was pretty tough. I decided to put him back on a formula we’ve tried in the past (Nutramigen) as so far he’s been back to his normal happy self!


We keep trying to add in new veggies and fruits to experiment with! This month we’ve introduced peas, pears & peaches, which he’s a fan of. He’s even started eating in his highchair!!! Wahh


B absolutely LOVES to stand. I can hardly get him to sit. He is so strong, pulling himself up to the standing position with little help, just stability support. We are almost sitting up on our own, the head is pretty big though which makes it tough 😉



The jumparoo is his new favorite contraption. He will play and bounce and giggle in it for almost an hour every morning! He is grabbing anything and everything around him, throwing things and putting everything in his mouth.


B is still teething pretty bad. The front two have almost cut through, I can feel the sharp edges and he’s also getting two on the sides. Poor drooly monster!

Our schedule has been completely off this month, naps are almost non existent, and we are still waking in the night for a bottle. I blame it on tummy & teething… I just wish one would give!


We did however transfer him to his crib upstairs! The transition has been easier then I thought for both of us. I only slept in the connecting guest room for one night 🙂

Patrick & I went to London this month for 4 nights. As much as I wanted to bring B, it was a work trip for P so we left him with grandma. I missed him every second, but him & gma had a blast and we were able to skype everyday. We even came back with gifts!





This has  been the best 1/2 year of our lives. We are so beyond blessed to have this little  cherub baby all to ourselves! We love you Brennan Asher, happy half birthday sweet boy.





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