5 month – update.

The fact that my little baby is almost 1/2 a year old blows my mind. I know people always tell you it goes by fast… But it’s not supposed to go by THIS fast!




weight: 20.4lbs

height: 27”

nicknames: little monster,  monkey, peanut, pretty much everything!

loves: his belly tickled, getting tossed in the air (gently of course!), splashing in the bath

dislikes: carrots, sitting when he wants to be standing, loud sudden noises

Brennan has had a great month this past month. He’s getting bigger, stronger, healthier, and even cuter if that’s possible 😉

He is full if life, personality and is alwayssss smiling. He is such a calm, collected and happy baby, makes me so proud.

This past month we started eating fruits and veggies on a daily basis. Only one a day at this point, since his tummy is so sensitive but so far he’s been doing great! The pediatrician advised against rice cereal at this time just because there are more ingredients and preservatives in it that could upset his little belly, so I’ve been making different fresh options in the Beaba (new moms, I advise you to get one… It’s amazing!). B still loves apples, bananas, sweet potatoes. Not a huge fan of carrots or avocados… Looks like we might have a bit of a sweet tooth!



Poor baby is a drooling, chewing, teething machine. Tylenol is our best friend to keep the pain down. Luckily it doesn’t really effect his mood, and has only interrupted a night or two of sleep.




[someone found his monitor]

We had a lot of family in town this month! Bren got to meet his Auntie Yvonne, Cousin Taryn, & Uncle Michael for the first time! They spent 10 days in Houston and we loved having them here, B got lots of love & kisses.




Yaya Meg came for a two week visit also! I don’t think I held B for more then 5 minutes a day:) We wish she & Papa Jim could move to Texas soon ::wink wink:: it was so wonderful to have her here, to say Brennan was spoiled this month is an understatement!



Also, Patrick and I went on our first trip away to Las Vegas. I was only gone 3 days but it felt like an eternity. However it was so nice to have some adult time and I knew he was in good hands with his Yaya and Grandma! Probably better hands then even with me…




Luke is coming around a bit more to baby too! He is now very curious when he’s playing on the floor and totally freaked out when B wants to touch him. Oh Luke…





B continues to be the light of my days. I love taking him everywhere with me and just spending time with him. Everyday he’s one day older and I’m cherishing each day as it comes!



One thought on “5 month – update.

  1. Joe & Becky Hanson October 19, 2013 / 12:35 am

    I thought his main nickname was Little Joe!!!?

    Quoting BABY HANSON :

    Cassie Dae posted: “The fact that my little baby is almost 1/2 a year old blows my mind. I know people always tell you it goes by fast… But it’s not supposed to go by THIS fast! STATS – weight: 20.4lbs height: 27” nicknames: little monster, monkey, peanut, pretty “

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