3 month – update.

my little one is 3 months old… 3 MONTHS OLD!

image-3i want to start weeping when i think that he is a quarter of a year and out of his “fourth trimester” as they often refer the first 3 months to. how is that even possible??!


weight: 16.5lbs

height: 26″? didn’t get measured this month.

nicknames: little peanut, monkey, baby b

loves: mickey mouse, faces, mimicking the same sounds he makes, the swing

dislikes: gas, hiccups, acid reflux, and the houston heat!



this month has been full of personality! his eyes are so full of life and curiosity its fun to dream about what his future will hold.




we’ve still been battling quite a bit of reflux problems this month, but he is now able to work them out on his own a bit better then before. i’m hoping his stomach will start to settle itself here soon. he is still on puramino enfamil formula, 5oz every 3 hours or so. he has no issues with it and is gaining weight like a manic!




our naps have also gotten better – thanks to our dear friends for letting us borrow their swing! i never registered for one, thinking i wouldn’t need it… but man he loves that thing! he has started taking 3+ hour naps in the afternoons in it. i almost don’t know what to do with myself! in the evening he is still waking up once a night, around 3am for a feed, then we try to get him back down within the hour and he’s up about 6. its not too bad, but i can’t wait until he starts sleeping a full night!






his little neck is getting stronger by the day and is almost able to hold it up fully. he is very steady when i have him in the sitting position or doing tummy time so i think its just a matter of a week or two!


he is so full of big smiles, little laughs and the best baby noises! everyday gets better and better with our little man, his personality is bursting and i can’t wait to see the person he becomes.




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