2 month – update.

as much as i tried to stop him, Brennan turned two months anyways…



weight: 13lbs 13oz

height: 24.5″ long

nicknames: baby b, bren bren, monkey

loves: running errands in his stroller, car rides, his favorite toy monkey, dancing around the house to country music, listening to jack johnson and anything else i sing to him

dislikes: an empty bottle, napping, hiccups, passing gas




what i’ve learned this month is that i know nothing. everyday is something different and you just have to go with the flow.

we’ve had a bit of a rough start with his tummy. B was diagnosed with a milk allergy due to blood found in his stool. we were immediately put on a hypoallergenic formula with the protein broken down. that seemed to work for a few weeks, but then all his symptoms came back again… plus some. after every bottle he was screaming to burp, arching his back, and spitting up a lot. the spit up began to smell very acidic, and we knew something else was going on with our poor little guy. at his two month check up, our pediatrician diagnosed him with infant reflux as well. he is now on the most sensitive hospital grade formula out there, and prevacid. i was hesitant putting him on the prevacid at first, but after a lot of research we gave him his first dose and have had great success with it ever since.


he has no problem eating however… obviously!





our sleep schedule still varies on a nightly basis. its been too hard trying to get him to stick to a schedule with his tummy all in knots. so i basically just go with the flow of the day. do what works now, fight your battles later has been my motto of the month. most nights he goes to bed around 8, wakes up once around 2am, has a quick feed, then falls back asleep around 3 to wake up for the day around 7. he is USUALLY a pretty good sleeper… hence the usually part.

naps are another story… we haven’t quite figured out napping at home yet, but he’ll nap perfectly in the carseat or stroller when we are out and about. this is great for lunch dates, car rides and shopping trips, but not so great for getting anything done at home. his makeshift nap at home is usually on the couch or on our bed (no lectures about soft surfaces please, I’m aware of the risks!) around 2pm for about an hour. during that time i cram in laundry, dishes, dinner prep, and some work from home!








this little man has been so fun these days! so many smiles!!! he flashed us his first social smile right around 6 weeks. now we can usually count on smiles first thing every morning and anytime he has a full belly. when he’s smiling he’s usually letting out coos too.






he loves playing with his toys i attach to his bouncer and loves when mickey mouse is on tv! it keeps his attention so well and he gets so tickled by it!





the “swatting” stage has begun as well. those arms and legs are flying a mile a minute!! he loves to sit in his bouncer and just kick and go crazy till his little heart is content. he’s still a tummy time rockstar, and apart from a little wobbliness, he holds his head up so well. i think its just a matter of a couple weeks and that head will be supporting itself!



with all that said, i personally think the second month was much easier than the first. i’ve sort of found my footing. even though we’re still learning new things every day, i seem to take them better in stride. all of the smiling that Brennan does helps so much to relieve stress and brighten our days. he’s such a sweet baby, and we know he loves us too.


One thought on “2 month – update.

  1. Cassie July 21, 2013 / 5:08 pm

    It gets better and better Cass : ) adorable baby boy! I can’t wait to meet him.

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