1 month – update.

as much as i already say time is flying by, its hard to remember what life was like before Brennan. he has been such a blessing to our life this past month i can’t imagine it any other way.




weight: 11lbs

height: 23″ long

nicknames: turtle, snoozy face, baby b, little monster

loves: his bottle, staring at faces, sleeping on mommy & daddy

dislikes: gas, baths, being naked, luke kissing him on the face

he is becoming so curious about life. starting to open those big blue eyes and explore his surroundings. i love watching his little brain work.




he is constantly entertaining us with his personality! always moaning, grunting, and chatting in his own little way. if he is awake, he is making sounds. we have lucked out that he isn’t a crier, in fact i don’t think I’ve heard him truly cry since that first night. one little screech gets his point across if something is bothering him.


his sleep schedule is still pretty average for a newborn. eats every 2 hours, sleeps in between every other feed. some nights we are able to get 5 hours of sleep at a time, but most of the time its just 2. i don’t mind it though, i think of it as quality time we are able to spend together.

his appetite is growing and helping him grow at a steady pace. we have gone from 2oz a feed to 4oz a feed in the matter of 2 weeks! the chubbier baby the cuter in my opinion!





we’ve had a lot of family time this month! it is so wonderful having my parents living in texas. he is able to spend quality time with grandma & grandpa often. now we just need to convince yaya & papa hanson to move here too 😉


we also had a lovely surprise visit from auntie tessie & auntie kate and he was spoiled with endless amounts of snuggles!! it was such a fun weekend having them here, we were able to take show them our city, go shopping and have a lovely lunch out while B slept the entire time!
in his one month here i feel as though he has taught patrick and i more then we have taught him. he’s shown us what really matters in life, patience, and a deeper love then we ever knew was possible.
i can’t wait to see the difference another month will make!

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