2 weeks.

 my little darling is two weeks old today!


& has been a much happier baby then the first week of his life in the hospital!

the first night we were released from the hospital however we thought otherwise. my sweet, angel boy who never even cried when they were poking and prodding him constantly, started screaming the entire night…. all. night. long. he was wanting to eat every 45 minutes, he wasn’t sleeping, and we just couldn’t get him satisfied. i was crying, patrick was distressed… all we could think about is “what have we gotten ourselves into?!”


this picture totally sums up our first night home with B.

luckily we had a prescheduled appointment with our pediatrician in the morning to follow up on his bilirubin so we were able to explain to her our evening as well. after asking us questions about how much milk i was producing to his eating habits, etc. she explained to us that he was being extremely underfed and should be eating 3 times as much as he was! no wonder! we were starving our poor child. we discussed our options and decided that it was best to solely formula feed that way we could ensure the exact amount he was eating and hopefully put some weight back on.

needless to say, we’ve had an entirely different baby since we began formula only! it was hard at first because i felt so guilty not breast feeding for longer – but he’s happy, never cries, sleeps through the night until i wake him for feedings! I’m so much happier too – not stressing about pumping, or how much I’m producing. best decision we could have made.


our “second” night home & our first family dinner!

we went back in the next morning to get another weigh in after a full day’s worth of formula – 2 oz every 2 hours… B gained 3 oz!! we will be back up to that birth weight in no time!

image-23my favorite part of the day.

image-27 our first sponge bath!


no more pictures mom!
 that face melts me!
morning snuggles with my boys!
image-39 auntie nanyn came for a visit!
 tummy time while brother luke observes!
we have been so overwhelmed by the support & congrats we’ve received since brennan was born! people i haven’t talked to in years, that I’ve been terrible about keeping in touch with have all reached out in the sweetest ways! we are so appreciative of all the love we’ve received for this little guy …reminds you how nice people truly can be! ❤

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