Our Hospital Stay.

Brennan Asher Hanson blessed our lives on May 8th, 2013 at 2:51pm.

7lbs 4oz, 19.5″ long – & absolutely perfect!


I have never experienced something so magical and been so in love.

Immediately after Brennan was born, the nurses knew something was not quite right and his breathing was irregular. They took him aside to begin checking his lungs and decided a Nicu nurse needed to be brought in to assess him. It was extremely frightening not knowing what was going on with my baby or being able to see him. They let me hold him for a spilt second before the nurses, Patrick & Brennan headed off to the Nicu. I had to stay and wait for my epidural to wear off before I could be taken in a wheelchair to see my little boy.

They hooked him up to heart and lung monitors and determined he had transient tachypnea – fluid on his lungs. Lucky for us, it is something that is curable and will not effect him later in life, he just needed to get rid of it which takes time.


Later that day, the nurses said he could be taken off of the monitors and sent back to our room to stay with us for the evening.





We were ecstatic, however it was a just a few hours later,his symptoms came back and he was readmitted to the Nicu. That was a really tough night.


Thursday, his lungs began to get much stronger but he had lost a significant amount of weight throughout the night. If I could continuously feed him enough throughout the day, he could be taken off of his feeding tube and join us in our room again, still under the Nicu care however. He had developed borderline Bilirubin – yellow breakdown product of normal red blood cells. As long as he ate enough and excreted it in his bile and urine not further action needed to be taken and a blood test would be taken in the morning, hoping to be discharged!




Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and his Bilirubin levels elevated enough to where we needed to begin uv photo therapy. Luckily, Memorial Hermann Hospital is a fantastic place and they could bring the uv light into our room so we could stay together as a family. If we wasn’t feeding, he had to be under the light all day to get this flushed out.


One more night…

By Saturday, we were SURE we were going to get discharged – but his blood test told us otherwise and we had yet another day of photo therapy in our room. We just wanted to take our little guy home and were starting to breakdown a bit by now. We knew he’d be ok, but we just wanted him to feel better! Since I was technically discharged Friday, the hospital let us have two “care by parent” nights and let us stay in our original room without charge until Brennan was released. This was absolutely amazing… I don’t know any other hospital that would do this!

The doctor on staff came in and assessed our little guy Sunday morning. We were just praying, PRAYING, for good news… and we finally got it! We could be discharged based on the fact that we needed to come back for another blood test in the morning and schedule an appointment with our pediatrician.



The sweet Nicu nurses made me a Mothers Day gift from Brennan

My little man was in my arms… and coming home with us!





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