my pregnancy…

As I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy, I’ve been thinking about what I love about being pregnant and what I will be happy to leave behind. It’s been a nice distraction from just sitting around thinking about when the baby will come.

What I Will Miss About Being Pregnant

• I’m just going to say it… i’ll miss the attention from my husband and family. Soon it will be all about the baby, as it should be of course, but I’ve been enjoying the love.

• Having a baby in my belly, a little friend with me all the time—on my drives, at work, running errands, at dinner—who wakes up occasionally to say “Hi, mom!”

• The smile that creeps across someone’s face when I tell them, “Yes, it’s my first.” I can see them remembering their own early days, as new parents.

• The kindness of strangers. I’m no longer shy about letting others help—I’ve finally gotten over the fact that I am not quite as independent as I used to be.

• Feeling my little one grow. It’s such an amazing experience to feel him twist, turn, kick, hiccup – knowing with all that he is getting stronger by the minute!

• Talking with my husband about what life will be like with a baby, imagining who he will be and what he will do. Those are my favorite moments.

• I know the baby’s arrival will catapult us into a new level of love and a new special era of our lives, but for right now, I am glowing and it’s because of him!

What I Definitely Will Not Miss About Being Pregnant

• Heartburn. Is it possible that even water causes acid??!
• Groaning every time I get off the couch or out of bed.
• Ribs stretching until they feel like they are going to break!
• Sleeping only on my side. And my hips going numb because of it.
• Hearing the same (harmless) jokes about my pregnancy for the 8,000th time and doing the fake laugh.
• Feeling like the baby is about to push his foot or his bottom right through my skin. He’s super strong!
• Giving up everything delicious. I am going to eat sushi, take ibuprofen and drink wine like no one ever has!

Looking back over the last nine months, I have really enjoyed being pregnant, and I have been blessed with an easy, healthy pregnancy. Now, finally, I am ready to meet my little man.

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