Labor & Delivery.

Today I went to the doctor for my 37 week check up and got some surprising news!

I was ready for a normal day of work, but needed to swing by the doctor for my quick 10 minute appointment – ready for her to say “everything is fine, just a few more weeks!”… but wasn’t the case at all. She came in to the room letting me know my blood pressure was getting very high, they found protein in my urine, and I was developing Preclampsia which can be very dangerous to the baby and myself. Since my ultrasound looked great the previous week, she said we better  induce me………. tonight!

Wait, what?!!

After a phone call to Patrick and a little panic in his voice, we had a scheduled induction May 7th at 7pm. The only upside to the news was that I had a few hours to prep. I was able to run home, start a load of baby laundry, ensure my hospital bag was packed with everything I may need and even get a quick pedicure 🙂


My parents came over to stay with Luke, then it was go time & we were off!




Once we arrived at the hospital, we were admitted to a room that we would be staying in until we were discharged.  Immediately they began my IV and gave me a sleeping pill to get some rest for the evening.


About 5am, the nurse came in to begin Pitocin and around 8:30am the doctor came by to break my water. I think that was the most painful part of the entire delivery!! Since my water broke, I was able to get an epidural around 10:30am and after that we were rocking & rolling!


I became dilated very very quickly and was 10cm at about 2pm. PUSH TIME! I had Patrick holding my hand, my mom helping the nurse and a wonderful nurse Christina guiding me through the whole thing… and let me tell you – it wasn’t that bad! Never broke a sweat, never screamed, just wanted to get that little man out & in my arms! I pushed for about 45minutes before the doctor came in, and in the last 10 our precious little angel had arrived into this world!

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