week 34 week 36.

photo 2-1

as we are nearing the beginning of the end, the doctor claimed me officially at 36 weeks and said i better start prepping as if i have 4 weeks left… so we will skip right over week 34 and now call this the end of week 36!

i FINALLY feel like a big, pregnant lady. starting to get just about every ache, pain, and symptom I have been lucky enough to avoid…. until now. continuing with the rib and hip pain, my hands are beginning to get “pregnancy carpel tunnel”, my bladder is the size of a pea, I’m getting zero sleep at night and the thought of being comfortable is just a memory. also, i’ve been on heartburn medicine since week 12 (i was one of those lucky ones that got heartburn really early…) but now I’m also on digestive medicine since i have zero appetite and can’t digest almost anything i eat. yay??

i just keep reminding myself how blessed i am to be able to experience this and to be creating such a miracle….

we also had our LAST ultrasound this week 😦 but Baby H seems to be perfectly healthy, in great position and looks like he will be arriving right on time! the doctor measured him at 6lbs 10oz right now and is estimating him to be about 8.5 full term. sounds perfect to me!

photo 3

look at those lips!! so handsome already.

photo 1-1
How far along? 37 weeks today.
Baby is the size of a: a stalk of swisschard!
Best moment of the week: finishing all of our “baby tasks”. bought a new car, finished the nursery, beginning to wash and sort all his clothes! eases my mind knowing we will be fully prepared!
Movement? he is moving more then ever lately – and it’s beginning to hurt! he gets so close to the skin that i feel like he is going to rip right through!
Belly Button: in… but actually just pretty flat!!
Missing Anything? not being in pain! and not moaning and groaning when i have to stand up or sit down.
Wedding Rings on or off? on… but my fingers are just beginning to swell.
Labor Signs? i would say yes? i actually don’t know how i’m supposed to know when i’m in labor… but i think i’ve started having mild contractions (not just braxton hicks). i hope i’ll know when it’s happening!
Happy or Moody most of the time? so happy that little man is healthy and doing what he is supposed to be doing! right on track.
Looking forward to: due date!!!

also, i forgot to post these gems from our newborn care class. it was so great seeing P swaddle our dummy baby, change diapers, etc. he is going to be such a wonderful dad!

photo 2

photo 1

xo, Cassie

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