week 32.

week 32, or week 34 depending on how you look at it since my due date got moved up to delivering at 38 weeks…


photo 1

week 31: patrick and i continued his birthday celebration, and little man went to his first oakland a’s game!! i think he thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

photo 2

photo 3

i also took my maternity photos this week – can’t wait to see them soon!

week 32: has been a lot quieter since Patrick has been on an Asia business trip and will be for another week! 😦 i’ve been telling baby every morning to not pull any funny business and stay in there till daddy gets home. then the countdown will really begin!


the boppy getting use already… luke pouting while i began packing the diaper bag!

photo 4
darling handmade card from our dear friend emily! baby book keeper for sure!
Baby is the size of a: a pineapple! WOAH!
Best moment of the week: seeing him completely mishape my stomach when he moves! he’s been hanging out on my right side which makes me look really awkward! ha.
Missing Anything? besides my husband… being able to bend over and not feel like I’m crushing the little dude.
Cravings: no… oddly. drinking lots of juice however!
Aches & Pains: my hips! doctor told me to invest in a belly belt so we will see how it works.
Happy or Moody most of the time? happy!! although i cried like a baby dropping patrick off at the airport for his 12 day trip :/
Looking forward to: 33 week check up on wednesday and dad coming home on thursday! then my bff shanyn flies in on saturday and i have a baby shower on sunday!!! it’ll be a good end to the week!

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