week 30.

30 weeks… 30 WEEKS! wow, what a milestone that is. only 8 weeks to go, counting down the days!

we went back in for our 4d ultrasound to try & catch a glimpse of little man. he still made the tech’s job pretty difficult – crossing his arms over his face, turning his back, pushing back against the wand with his hand! looks like we have  pretty head strong guy already 🙂

we were however able to sneak a FEW pictures in there…

(for those of you who have never seen 4d pics, i know they can look a bit creepy. if you can get past that however they sure are cute!)







also this week we celebrated patrick’s 30th birthday! we took a weekend getaway in houston and had a wonderful, relaxing weekend reminiscing about old time and talking about the future. patrick always wanted to be a dad by 30!


Baby is the size of a: head of cabbage. average size, 16 in & 3 lbs.
Best moment of the week: getting to see my little man’s face for the first time! already so cute 🙂
Missing Anything? sleeping fully through the night – my hips ache so bad i can’t sleep more then a few hours at a time. i guess it’s my body’s way of prepping me??
Cravings: still nothing weird! i have been less hungry lately – feel like my stomach is in my throat which makes it hard to digest food.
Aches & Pains: my hips! seems to be something new every week.
Happy or Moody most of the time? happy!! i haven’t had any weird mood swings the whole time. he’s been pretty good to me so far!
Looking forward to: our newborn care class & hospital tour tomorrow night. pediatrician meet & greet on wednesday. doctor appointment on wednesday to make sure we are in the clear for patrick to leave the county next week, and some friends coming into town on thursday! phew. busy week.

One thought on “week 30.

  1. lydialindeman April 5, 2013 / 2:35 pm

    Thanks for sharing these great pictures!!He looks amazing! he is going to be a looker like his parents( and grandparents) ..You both are doing such a wonderful job in preparing your home and minds for your precious Baby..Can’t wait to see him up close and personal..Proud Grandma!!

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