week 28.

  officially in my 3rd trimester!! 9 more weeks to go (hopefully!).


the past two weeks Patrick & I have been busy getting the house ready for our little guy & finishing up home projects we’ve put on the back burner since we moved in! trying to get our backyard done, finally getting furniture for empty rooms we’ve had upstairs & cleaning out closets of unnecessary things making more room for Baby H!

i’ve also been making some progress on the nursery! here is a sneak peek at little man’s bedding! can’t wait to see him snoozing in here 🙂


this week we also scheduled our 4d ultrasound, hoping to FINALLY see his little face since he wouldn’t show us last time!

well guess what… he wouldn’t show us AGAIN! stinker 😉

we got some darling pictures of his back & his arms crossed in front of his face… ha! he better get used to getting his picture taken – this mama can’t have a camera shy baby! we rescheduled our appointment in 2 more weeks in hopes of cooperation.



can barely see my feet!


grandma & grandpa hoping to see the little guy too!


look at this little gem i found below! i can only hope little man looks just like his daddy!


xo, Cassie

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