week 22.

the weeks seem to be flying by quicker & quicker!

week 21 i had my regular check up with my obgyn. everything is going fantastic! baby boy & i are both as healthy as can be. we did get a bit of exciting news as well… my due date got moved up! now instead of June 5th, we are looking more like May 27th! of course he could still be late, but due to his size already she thinks he’ll be making an early appearance (which i am NOT complaining about!)

[snuggle time with brother luke.
he is never allowed in the bed, but since he’s the “only child” for a little bit longer we figured why not!]
Baby is the size of a: spaghetti squash, 11 inches! knowing this guy he’s probably a bit longer however, not sure where he’d get that from… hmm. 😉
Best moment of the week: patrick getting to feel him kick for the first time! normally he shys off every time he wants to feel, but he let of a few good punches on dads hands!
Maternity Clothes: most of my tops still fit, but they probably won’t by next week. it’s crazy how fast i’m growing!
Missing Anything? this week we’ve been having gorgeous 70+ degree weather, & i really wanted a beer!
Cravings: any type of hot sandwich! strange, but it could be much weirder!
Aches & Pains: rib cage still stretching quite a bit, makes it pretty uncomfortable to do anything!
Happy or Moody most of the time? pretty happy 24/7, no complaints here!
Looking forward to: flying to san francisco next week to spend valentines day with my hubby & for my first baby shower!

One thought on “week 22.

  1. Reyna February 6, 2013 / 5:08 am

    How cool is it to feel them kick?!! You are looking great Cass! Love you!

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