week 20.

Alrighty folks. Dad’s time to blog this week. Week 20 and the start of 21 have been a whirlwind entertaining lots of company. We loved being able to show off all the great things about our state & home.

photo (2)

Cassie is getting bigger and bigger by the day but doing great and starting to feel a lot of movement. Our little man is taking up martial arts in there!

photo (1)

Today we had the official Anatomy Ultrasound! We were both anxious and nervous…As soon as the Ultrasound Technician began and masterfully navigated around, checking things off one by one…normal, normal, normal we were overjoyed! Apparently our little guy was having a little one man dance party in there…but refused to face the camera when he needed to!


Our little guy measured 15.5 ounces at 21 weeks, about 3oz heavier than average! Plus the Tech said his arms were crazy long!  Looks like we might be a week ahead of schedule as of now.

– Patrick

One thought on “week 20.

  1. lydialindeman January 23, 2013 / 3:52 am

    Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful things that are happening to you both as you become parents.. You both are going to be amazing parents and he will be a Blessed little boy… The ultrasound pictures are amazing, he is so precious can’t wait to hold him.

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