rowan’s first birthday party!

Just like his birth, the storms were crazy here again this May. We had weeks of flooding, the worst the day before Rowan’s birthday party which caused our entire neighborhood to flood leaving no way in or out of the neighborhood. Needless to say, we had to cancel his “splash” party and reschedule it for a future date. The weather finally stayed nice enough for a week and we decided to turn it into a pool party instead! We had such a wonderful time with our family & friends and so happy they were able to celebrate with us on such short notice.


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rowan’s cake smash!


Trying to get prepared for my baby to be one, and i’m just not ready! I keep postponing things because I can’t believe a year has passed already – but alas, we have less then a week to go! I set up Rowan’s cake smash session today (since we’ve all had the stomach flu, I attempted to do these myself). He was soooo not into it. Wanted nothing to do with touching or eating the cake, which is very unlike my big eater. However, he still looked pretty darn cute!


Big brother wanted in on the clean up session too – after he ate his cake! 😉


9 & 10 month – update.


STATS – (10 months)

weight: 30lbs

height: 30″ long

nicknames: row row, chub chub, rows, turtle

loves: to eat!, walk around the perimeter of the house, take things from his brother.

dislikes: being told no,  sharing his peronal space

accomplishments: taking steps, eating his own (small) foods, cutting his first two teeth!


We have teeth! FINALLY! Poor babe cut his first two teeth within the same week, and now the other two within a two weeks period. At least I can stop worrying that he wont get any teeth and now can chew a few more foods – which he’s happy about!


IMG_6654IMG_6659 (Edited)IMG_6660

Our little buy has become quite the sleeper lately! He loves his naps, takes 3 of them a day & is sleeping much better through the night – usually only waking once for a bottle then falling right back asleep! He even passed out at the park the other day. Growing boy!


Row is a moving machine! He is contantly crawling, walking (with help) and pulling up on everything. I don’t remember Brennan every being this “into” everything. I can’t get this little guy to sit still for 5 seconds, and can’t let him out of my sight! Luckily B usually tells me if he’s getting into something, he loves telling on his baby brother!


Rowan has a new nickname in our house, Chub Chub (Yes, I know, you’ll hate us when you’re older). This guy is always eating! He loves peas, bananas, turkey, cheese, yogurt, salmon – you name it! I dont think we’ve found anything yet that he doesn’t like, he even loves limes. His rolls are getting out of control and I just love it.

IMG_6975 (Edited)

IMG_6836IMG_6854IMG_6867IMG_6885IMG_6889IMG_6912 (Edited)IMG_6918IMG_6928IMG_6933

Rowan is definitely a sun baby. He loves being outdoors, in the water, lying in the sun.Having Brennan, with such fair skin, and being so pale myself – I am quite envious of Rowan’s beautiful olive skin & the farmers tan he already has going on.


Since the teeth are coming in, we’ve also battled a few ear infections making this guy pretty clingy. I don’t mind it most of the time because I usually can’t get him to even cuddle with me these days – so the extra time I get the better. I hope he’s not prone to ear infections like Brennan was/is but I have a feeling they won’t be ending soon.

IMG_6984IMG_6985IMG_6994IMG_7016IMG_7077IMG_7083IMG_8224IMG_7204IMG_7207.JPGIMG_7217 (Edited).JPGIMG_7228.JPGIMG_7233.JPGIMG_7255.JPGIMG_7265.JPGIMG_7285.JPG

Easter is Brennan’s favorite holiday, so its a fun time around our house preparing for it. Row got to meet the Easter bunny for the first time and wasn’t scared, but wasn’t impressed. I love getting to start holiday traditions with these two boys and can’t wait to see them evolve over the years.


Rowan Jude, you’re wild little spirit brightens our days! We love seeing your personality evolve and grow. Our sweet boy!IMG_7730.JPGIMG_7477 (Edited).JPG

7 & 8 months – update.

STATS – (8 months)

weight: 28lbs

height: 30″ long

nicknames: row row, baby (brennan only calls him baby!), rows

loves: eating anything & everything, running the house in his walker, crawling around the house like crazy

dislikes: being out of anyones sight, sweet foods like fruits

accomplishments: crawling, pulling up & walking along things!


Oh Rowan. What an easy baby! He has seriously become such a joy to be around. Always content. Always smiling. He loves to explore & crawls lightening fast to get around. He can almost outrun Luke! He has begun pulling himself up onto things, and walking around surfaces. Please make time stop! I’m so not ready for another walking baby right now! I feel like everything is going so much faster with Rowan, just wish I could pause time sometimes.

The bond between Brennan and Rowan is growing and changing daily. Now that Row is on the move, B isn’t too sure what to think of his brother lately. Especially when it comes to “his” stuff. I know they are going to be the best of buds, it’s fun to see their relationship evolve through these transition ages.

Rowan is such a little chub! He can’t get enough food!! I remember Brennan at this age – always trying to be cautious of what we fed him, making sure it was healthy, homemade, or “in the right order”. I guess it’s true what they say of the second kid – Row has tried probably everything under the sun and loves it all!

  Teething has become the vain of our existance. Rowan STILL has no teeth! Everyone says the longer they come in, the stronger, however I’m starting to believe thats not true. Praying we get some teeth here soon, so he can get some relief!IMG_6234.PNG

Still not the best sleeper, but its getting better! We still rock him to sleep with a bottle, until he falls asleep then gently lay him in his bed. He is only waking once or twice a night, and we just do the routine over again until he sleeps a bit longer. I know I’ll miss these moments so I try to cherish them when I can even through the sleep deprivation.


Rows, you are such a bright spot in our lives! We just adore you so much and love watching you grow – just wish we could slow it down!

5 & 6 month – update.

STATS – (6 months)

weight: 24lbs

height: 29″ long

nicknames: row row, baby (brennan only calls him baby!), peanut

loves: bouncing in his jumper, crawling after brennan, mickey mouse!

dislikes: not being able to see faces, sitting in the pack n play!

accomplishments: army crawling! sitting up fully, running in his walker!






Rowan Jude, you are growing by the minute! Everyone warned me the second child goes by even faster, but I didn’t ever imagine it would be this fast! You are changing every day, and progressing and developing faster then I cant keep up with. You want to keep up with your brother and I want time to slow down!

In the past two months, Row began army crawling (FAST) after anything Brennan leaves on the floor or Brennan in general! He is completely obsessed with his brother and wont ever leave him alone. B is not a big fan of that at the moment and likes his personal space, so adapting to a brother that wants everything he has is a challange… for all of us!

Row is not a great sleeper still and we are finally accepting that. He only needs 20min power naps throughout the day and is totally content with that. He goes to bed around 8 and is up about 2 times a night until his day begins around 6am when B is up. It’s not too bad since Patrick and I take shifts, but the bags under our eyes aren’t going away anytime soon.

The two kid shuffle has been a big learning experience, and since one of u always has one kid – Rowan has become a big daddy’s boy since B always wants mommy. Its adorable seeing the bond those two have created. Also, we hired a nanny for Rowan this month while I’m back at work (2 days a week, with a grandma 1) and she is fabulous. Row loves her already and we feel very lucky to have her in our family.

I’m sorry these blogs are do delayed Row, but I guess that is just going to be the story of your life. Just think of it as all the hands on time I’m spending with you I don’t have a minute to blog. I promise I’ll get better – maybe by your 18th birthday? We love you so much baby boy.

3 & 4 month – update. 

DSC_1003 DSC_0986 DSC_0980

STATS – (4 months)

weight: 21lbs

height: 28″ long

nicknames: bebe row, lil chunk, sugar

loves: being outside, anything his brother is doing, playing on his play mat, his animal tails book

dislikes: riding in the car, being left “alone” (not seeing anyone)

accomplishments: smiling and giggling, lots of cooing, grabbing toys, rolling over



Man, the months are going by fast. Faster then i can keep up with! How our little baby is 1/3 of a year old blows my mind! 2 months was a rocky one for us, multiple formula changes until we found a winner, lots of sleepless days (which make for not so fun nights) and adjusting back to normal life all at once isn’t easy. Luckily, once he hit three months its like something changed and our happy sweet baby is back!

We had a busy few months, Row got to meet his Papa Jim for the first time. We had a wonderful 10 days together, including Row’s first roadtrip to San Antonio! He was a champ (considering he hates the car) and got to spend a few days with Aunt Diann and Grandmommie.



The bond growing between B & Row is so adorable. I love seeing B interact and love on him, and watching Row becoming interested in everything his big brother is doing melts my heart.

IMG_3374 IMG_3303 IMG_3166

IMG_3340 IMG_3297 IMG_3424


Our little monkey is full of smiles and giggles. He lights up the room with his sweet personality! He is becoming awfully chatty (just like his brother was). I wont be surprised if hes talking soon.

IMG_3417 IMG_3341

IMG_3436 IMG_3513 IMG_3252 IMG_3229

IMG_3902 IMG_3942

Our big little man rolled over for the first time (3 months) and is grabbing toys, putting them in his mouth, and totally ready for solid foods (however we’re waiting for his tummy to get a bit better). He’s fought off his first cold and first tummy bug, poor babe, but other then that is healthy as a champ.

IMG_3915 IMG_3819 IMG_4012 IMG_3980 IMG_4020 IMG_4052 IMG_3964 IMG_3962

We love you so very much sweet pea, please stop growing so fast!

two month – update.

DSC_0266 DSC_0303 DSC_0321 DSC_0329


weight: 14lbs

height: 24.5″ long

nicknames: bebe row, peanut, monkey

loves: watching his brother be silly, being walked around the house

dislikes: riding in the car, sleeping at night

Row, we can’t believe how fast you are growing! Our little peanut has doubled his birth weight and consistently putting on the pounds. He has outgrown all of his newborn clothes and is in 3month outfits already!


Unfortunately, his tummy has gone from bad to worse. Poor little man has officially developed “premie” tummy with reflux and protein sensitivity. We were put on nutrimagin formula (same stuff B was on for a year) and zantac to keep the acid at a minimum. I hated all those months that B was on those, so after some research we have switched Row to an organic lactose formula. So far, the reflux has severely decreased… so fingers crossed it was the right choice!

Brennan’s love for Row has grown leaps and bounds. He is always gently loving on him, kissing him and laughing at him. He think “bebe row” is hilarious and vice versa. Brennan had his first smile from Row before I did! Brennan however does not want the grandparents to hold Rowan. He lets them know “mama’s baby! mama hold baby!” so they can give their attention to him 🙂

DSC_0274 DSC_0284 DSC_0285 DSC_0292 DSC_0296

DSC_0388 DSC_0378


We have nicknamed Row, Mr. Serious as he always looks like he’s in deep thought. To get a smile out of him, you have to work really hard at it. And I’m still not convinced that is isn’t a gassy smile either 🙂 He is definitely going to be our serious, thoughtful, thinker. I love seeing how different the boys personalities are already. 


Row, you are such a joy in our lives. I can’t imagine life without you already.

1 month – update.

Rowan, I apologize in advance that your blogs won’t be as frequent as your brothers once were. I promise I will do my very best to keep this as updated as possible. xx



weight: 11lbs

height: 21.5″ long

nicknames: bebe row, peanut

loves: lights, milk, and being walked around the house

dislikes: an empty bottle, sleeping at night, passing gas

Month 1 – We couldn’t be more blessed to have our littlest boy home, happy & healthy. So far, Rowan has been a wonderful sleeper. Snoozes through all the chaos of Brennan, Luke and constant crazy noise in this house. Everyone jokes that they have never seen his eyes because he is always asleep.


He is filling out like crazy and has no problem eating his bottles whatsoever.  We have noticed a bit of the tummy troubles that Brennan suffered from for months, but so far it has been bearable and is still on regular formula. He eats two ounces about every two hours and definitely lets you know when he is ready for his next feed!    

I was very nervous about the transition from one boy to two. Ready many blogs and books on transitioning the first born to not being the only child anymore. Honestly, I was scared to death that Brennan was going to lash out at us, at his brother and revert to being a baby himself again.

I could not be happier that it has been the exact opposite. Brennan had become loving, a bit more calm and independent since his brother is now with us. He still doesn’t like to touch him much, and ignores him most of the time but has been extremely gentle and cautious.


Brennan’s Puppy Paw-ty!

We had an absolute blast (minus the overstimulated meltdowns) at Brennan’s 2nd Birthday Party at the Little Gym! We love friends and are so lucky to have our kids so close in age!

Thank you everyone for coming! Arf! Arf!DSC_1246 DSC_1247 DSC_1248 DSC_1249 DSC_1251 DSC_1255